ACI Political Action Committee

Though it may feel like the 2023 legislative session only just ended, the 2024 session is upon us in Indiana. We have many collective priorities this session, including supporting transportation infrastructure that ensures the competitiveness of Indiana agriculture, ensuring pesticide and fertilizer regulations are based in science and advancing policies that promote thriving crop and livestock industries.

You know the significant impact that legislators have on our industry and our agribusinesses. The success of our association’s advocacy efforts at the Statehouse is dependent upon our engagement as members. A crucial component of that engagement is contribution to ACI’s Political Action Committee (PAC). A contribution to the ACI PAC means that we can continue to support candidates that support ACI’s priorities.

We are committed to Indiana’s agriculture industry and firmly believe that you are, too. We are asking you to take the following action to strengthen our advocacy efforts:
  1. Make a contribution to the ACI PAC.
  1. Encourage others within your agribusiness to support the PAC and get involved in our legislative efforts.
Our participation in the political process is extremely valuable to our association and our customers. An investment in the PAC is an investment in the future of Indiana agriculture.  Early support is crucial to assist those who support Indiana agribusiness.  PAC donations are welcomed from ACI member companies, as well as individuals in those businesses.

We sincerely appreciate your support at whatever level you feel most appropriate. 

Brad Reed, Chair               
General Martin Umbarger, Treasurer
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